Tuesday, March 6, 2012


One of the things I did this weekend was help a special 95 year old celebrate his birthday.  Some heart attacks, a stroke, bypass surgeries and many stints have not slowed him down much. Even though he is 95 he wanted to be outside with us young folks while we were playing corn hole. He really wanted to play but didn’t think he could see well enough to be any good. You see, his attitude is that if he is going to do it, he damn sure is going to win.  
Not certain what his secret to longevity is but he told me last year he was looking forward to his 100th birthday.    
Optimism? Certainly that must make a big difference.

I do know he stays active physically and mentally. Yes, he has slowed down some but he still works the crossword puzzle every day and he was telling me about his Senior Olympics preparations for this year. He still bowls on at least one league. He will also beat your butt in card games because he still counts cards and knows what has been played. He is slower and we almost take a nap when it is his turn but he still manages to win a lot.

The lesson I guess is:

ü  Go ahead and begin planning your 100th birthday party no matter how old you are today

ü  Do something every day to keep your mind sharp

ü  Get up off your lazy ass and be active

Sounds pretty simple and seems to have worked for him.
Want to come to my 100th birthday party?

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