Saturday, November 5, 2011

O Wow! Beautiful!

Reading about Steve Jobs final words, a friend dying and another friend telling me his wife’s unresolved grief over her mother was destroying their marriage brought so many personal experience memories to the forefront of my mind.

There probably won’t be any doubt after reading this but I am Christian and believe there is an afterlife. I believe that with all my being.

Like Steve Jobs, my mom’s death was a testament to that with her final word being “beautiful”. Her death was so incredibly spiritual and beautiful that I considered it a gift from God to be present.
I likened her death to a birth - she was being born into another life.
My husbands death was just as amazing. 
Having an open mind to death and not being afraid of it helped me view it as something to embrace. It is part of life so why wouldn’t we? Don’t we celebrate when a baby is born?

Does that attitude or belief diminish your missing them? Not at all. Does it diminish the pain of their death? I think it does in a certain way. I know people who are tortured by someone’s death years after the fact. Is that because of regret perhaps? Maybe things left unsaid?  My older brother was so tortured by my younger brothers death he drank and drugged himself to a very lonely death and his life was spent in misery. Maybe those of us who make the most of our daily lives fear death the least and handle it best. We can be accepting of it as the end of a well lived earthly life.

Whether it is Steve Jobs or my mom or my husband or your grandmother, having an open mind, free of fear and being present at such a moment in someone’s life is a gift. I credit that belief in helping me grieve in a healthy manner for my loved ones. The friends so angry wife or the wife who is destroying her marriage because of her mothers’ death are sadder to me than the deaths.

I know my final thought on earth will be “O Wow, Beautiful”!
Do you have a story you can share with me? Please post a comment if you do.

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